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Wind-up Ballerina
Building: Advanced
Program: Expert

LEGO Mindstorms NXT Wind-up Ballerina

This project simulates the look and feel (and sound) of an old-fashioned wind-up musical toy, but with an interesting twist... 

When you turn the knob on the "wind-up" motor, the ballerina dancer will start to gracefully turn around, dancing to a simple musical tune.  As the winding "runs out", the ballerina and the music will gradually slow down and then finally stop.  At any time, you can wind it up more by turning the knob to re-energize it.

If you twist the knob several times, the ballerina will become fully wound, and the NXT display will warn you to stop winding.   But who could resist winding a few more times to see what happens?  If you do, the music will get a little faster and then suddenly something strange will happen -- the ballerina will shift into high gear (with a simple 2-speed transmission) and "freak out" for a few seconds, as if the wind-up spring mechanism broke!

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