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Copyright and Usage Policy

The mechanical designs, software programs, images, other digital files, and instructions on the nxtprograms.com web site and CD are protected by copyright law.  Copyright 2007-2016 by Dave Parker.  All rights reserved. 

Users of the web site and CD are free to use the instructions and download programs and other content in order to build projects for their own use.  No part of the web site or CD may be reproduced by any means without prior written permission, except that owners of the CD may print one copy of any number of the instructions of desired for each CD owned.  See the contacts page for other permissions.  Users wishing to modify and adapt the mechanical designs or programs should include a reference to the original design at nxtprograms.com if the adapted design is published or distributed to others. 

Special permission is granted for the Express-Bot mechanical design and building instructions, which may be freely used and redistributed, as long as the attribution to www.nxtprograms.com is kept in place. 


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2007-2016 by Dave Parker.  All rights reserved. 
All project designs, images, and programs are protected by copyright.  Please see the usage policy.

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nxtprograms.com is neither affiliated with nor endorsed by the LEGO Group.