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Get NXT Project Building Instructions, Programs, and Bonus Projects on CD!

  • Instant access to project instructions and ready-to-run programs with no internet required

  • Bonus projects and programs available exclusively on CD

  • Teachers and coaches: Get CDs to use in your classroom or distribute to your students! 

NXT 2.0 by Example

Only $5.00

This CD contains projects for both NXT 2.0 (kit 8547) and NXT 1.0 (kit 8527, or kit 9797 + 9648/9695).

  • Includes 23 NXT 2.0 Projects (all projects except "Checkout Scanner")

  • Includes all 66 of the NXT 1.X Projects

  • All projects are complete with full color photo building instructions and ready-to-run fully commented NXT-G programs.

Bonus Material

The CD includes the following bonus projects and programs not available on nxtprograms.com:

  • Over 70 ready-to-run and fully commented NXT-G programs for Multi-Bot (see program descriptions), designed for both fun and to teach many important NXT-G programming techniques, from beginner to expert.

  • Exclusive Vending Machine project

  • Exclusive Pinball Machine project

  • The full version of the Guitar Challenge Game project, which includes PC/Windows song recording and editing, access to additional songs from the web, and full program source code for the NXT game, the NXT recorder, and the PC recorder/editor.

LEGO Kit Requirements


Operation Notes

  • The CD install nothing on your computer!  The instructions and downloads run directly from the CD using your web browser without an internet connection!

  • The CD is compatible with Windows, Macintosh, and other systems with a web browser that can read standard data CDs.

  • The projects on CD do not include videos or video links to YouTube (watch at nxtprograms.com).

Secure Ordering and Fast Shipping

CD orders are processed securely by credit card, and then your order will be processed by an automated manufacturing system, which will produce and ship your CD, usually within 24 hours.  You can choose your preferred shipping method.

System Compatibility Notes for CDs

  • Windows:  Allow the CD to start when inserted, or open the "ReadMe" file on the CD.
  • Macintosh OS X: Open the "ReadMe" file on the CD to start.
  • Linux, BSD, or any other system with a web browser that can read standard (ISO 9660) data CDs:  Open the "ReadMe" file on the CD to start.


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