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Crazy Lawn Mower
Building: Advanced
Program: Intermediate

LEGO Mindstorms NXT Crazy Lawn Mower

Ah, what would it be like to have a robotic lawn mower that would mow your lawn for your automatically?  Hmm, you sit back and laugh as the robot has to struggle to get the motor started, then just relax and sip lemonade while you watch the robot mow the lawn for you in nice neat rows.  Sure, it sounds great, until something breaks, things go horribly wrong, and the mower goes crazy!  What could have happened?  Maybe it's something with the program...

Fortunately, an alternate program is also provided that allows you to mow manually using the lever on the top of the handle.  This mower is self-propelled and will drive forward for you while mowing, and it will even power through the turns for you.

The rapidly spinning blade on the bottom of the mower will whack anything small enough to get underneath.  Be careful, any small LEGOs you run over will get flung into the corners of your room!  This is probably not the best way to "clean up" after a LEGO building session...

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