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Trailer Pull
Building: Expert
Program: Easy

This tow vehicle and trailer are designed to be able to pull heavy loads.  The trailer is designed to be very strong to be able to support very heavy loads, and the tow vehicle uses all three motors and low gearing to generate high pulling forces. 

Two hitching options are included for the trailer, a flexible hitch that tows similar to pulling with a tow cable, and a rigid tongue hitch that transfers some of the load weight to the tow vehicle's drive axle for extra traction, like a real trailer.  You can experiment with how these two hitches work under different towing conditions, both on flat surfaces and up hills.  Although power is important, traction is often the limiting factor to towing heavy loads, so you can experiment with how to position the load to get the best traction.


Vehicle pulling 20 times its own weight Pulling 14 times its weight up a 10% slope
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