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Pinball Machine
Building: Expert
Program: Expert

This Pinball Machine requires you to build a wooden box to put it in, but otherwise it can be built with a single NXT 2.0 kit.  The LEGO parts are screwed into the wooden box using small wood screws and nylon washers to protect the plastic.  The box can be easily built with supplies available at a hardware store.

A program on the NXT controls the game, complete with custom sounds and graphics, and keeps score.  The ball shooter will put a new ball into play, bouncing off the tread and tire bumpers.  You trigger the two powerful flippers by pressing the two touch sensors on the sides.  There are two scoring devices on the table: Each time you spin the pinwheel (sensed by the ultrasonic sensor) you score points, and if you can get a ball into the target pocket with the color sensor over it, you will score a bonus, with a different kind of bonus for each ball color.



The Pinball Machine project is available exclusively on
the CD LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT 2.0 by Example.



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