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Vending Machine
Building: Expert
Program: Expert

This Vending Machine sells four different LEGO parts, which are on display in the rack in front of the machine (red 2-axle, black joint, orange tooth, black gear).  The machine accepts colored balls as money, each color being a different value, and uses the color sensor to sense them. 
After inserting enough money, you select the part you want to buy from the menu on the screen and press Enter, then the machine will send the selected part down the slide in front of the machine to the collection cup. 

If you inserted more money than necessary, the machine will automatically compute the change and dispense the correct change balls from a hidden change reservoir into the change cup on the right on the machine.

Insert Money Balls Select Item to Buy Item and Change Balls are Dispensed


Video (YouTube) Video


The Vending Machine project is available exclusively on
the CD LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT 2.0 by Example.



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