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Sensor Meter
Building: Easy
Program: Advanced

LEGO Mindstorms NXT Sensor Meter

This project is really just a program that you might find useful to learn about how the NXT sensors work, understand what values the sensor programming blocks give you, and to report the values from multiple sensors at the same time.  It displays the values from all eight of the basic NXT sensors (touch, sound, light, ultrasonic, 3 rotation sensors, and the NXT buttons) at the same time on the NXT display. 

The sound sensor display also includes the highest sound level heard during the last second, to help you determine the loudness of short sounds, such as a clap or spoken word.

You could use this program to help you figure out what the sensors on your own projects are reporting to your robots, especially when you might need results from more than one sensor at a time.  You can also experiment with what happens with different combinations of sensors.  For example, you can find out that the NXT will not report if more than one of the NXT buttons is pressed at the same time (bummer), but it can report that the touch sensor is pressed at the same time as the Enter button, for example.

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