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Five Minute Bot
Building: Intermediate
Program: Easy

Building Instructions





Note: You can use the NXT with either AA batteries or the NXT Rechargeable Battery Pack.




Use two medium length (35 cm) wires to connect the motors to ports B and C on the NXT.  Make sure that the motor on each side is connected to the port on that side.

Five Minute Bot Programming

The Drive_Test program is a simple program that tests six different kinds of driving, all using the Move block:

  1. Go straight Forward

  2. Go straight Backward

  3. Pivot turn (wheels turning opposite directions) to the Left

  4. Pivot turn to the right

  5. One-Wheel turn (one wheel turning, one stopped) to the Left

  6. One-Wheel turn to the Right


  • Try writing your own programs for the Five Minute Bot to make it drive where you want.  There are even more ways to turn with the Move block or the Motor blocks (e.g. a gradual turn using the Steering slider), and there are several other settings to experiment with (power level, Brake vs. Coast, etc).

  • There are several places on the Five Minute Bot where additional beams can be attached to add on to the robot.  Try adding sensors, a motorized arm, or whatever you can think of.

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