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Mini Rover
Building: Easy
Program: Intermediate

Building Instructions





Mini Rover Programming

You can use the 3-Button Remote program to control the Mini Rover with the 3 buttons on the NXT.  The orange button will make it go straight, and the two arrow buttons will make it turn.

For an improvement, see the Dial Remote Control project to see how to control the Mini Rover using this better remote control.


  • This Mini Rover looks sort of like one of those push caddies for a bag of golf clubs.  Can you add something for it to carry?

  • Try some different designs for the 3rd wheel, or try other wheels.  The main reason the Mini Rover is angled up high is to shift more of the weight of the motors onto the drive wheels.  If you try making the motors horizontal or use other designs where most of the motor weight is on the non-driven wheel(s), you will find that it doesn't turn well due to lack of traction.

  • The Mini Rover is very lightweight because it is not carrying the NXT.  This means it is capable of going much faster if it was geared up.  Take a look at some of the other projects that use gears to increase speed and see if you can add gears to speed up the Mini Rover.

  • Try extending the 3-Button Remote program to add a touch sensor to get an additional control, such as a reverse, a horn, or whatever.

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