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Building: (none)
Program: Expert

Building Instructions


This project requires no building.  All you need to do is download the program to the NXT brick.

Whack-a-Brick Programming

Use the program Whack-a-Brick for the Whack-a-Brick game.


How to Play Whack-a-Brick

Press the button on the NXT brick (gray left arrow, orange enter button, or gray right arrow) that is directly under the image of each "NXT brick" image as it appears to "whack" it.  You must press the button within a short time or it's Game Over!  It starts out easy, but keeps getting faster and faster!
Press the button under
the bricks as they appear
The bricks keep coming
faster and faster

The bricks "explode" when
you whack them.


  • After several tries, my best score on this game was 46.  Can you beat that?

  • The Whack-a-Brick program is complex and makes extensive use variables and different kinds of loops and switches.  Can you understand how any parts of it work?

  • Even though the program is complex, some kinds of changes to it would be easy.  For example, can you change the images from "NXT bricks" to something else, or change the sounds?

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