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4x4 Car with 3 Button Remote
Building: Advanced
Program: Intermediate

Building Instructions


Start by building the 4x4 Chassis.  Click the picture for building instructions.

Building Instructions


Use the two longest wires to attach the left side motor to port B on the NXT and right side motor to port C on the NXT.


Build two wire clips and use them to bundle the two remote control wires into a single cable.

4x4 Car with 3 Button Remote Programming

Use the program 3-Button Remote for the 4x4 Car with 3 Button Remote.


How to Drive Using the 3 Button Remote Control

  • Press and hold the Orange button on the NXT to go straight forward.

  • Press and hold the gray left arrow button on the NXT to do a pivot turn to the left.

  • Press and hold the gray right arrow button on the NXT to do a pivot turn to the right.


  • This 4x4 car looks sort of like a moon buggy.  Can you redesign it or add things to it to make it look more like a monster truck?

  • The 3-button remote control does not have a way to go straight backwards in reverse.  Note that you cannot use the dark gray button on the NXT brick because this button always stops the program.  However, by attaching a touch sensor to the NXT brick with a short wire and modifying the program, you could add a 4th button that will do whatever you want (go in reverse, honk the horn, or whatever).  Can you figure out how to extend the 3-Button Remote program to add support for the touch sensor acting as a 4th button?

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